Antag Therapeutics is based on years of collaborative research from the University of Copenhagen with the focus on novel treatments for dietary-related metabolic diseases. The research teams of professor Mette Rosenkilde and professor Jens Juul Holst have discovered a naturally occurring peptide that is being investigated in several human studies.

Focus area

The global prevalence of dietary-related metabolic diseases (obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus) is enormous and continues to increase due to excessive caloric intake, inactive lifestyle, and the lack of effective treatment.


According to WHO, more than 650 million people worldwide suffer from obesity, and the number increases every year. Obesity leads to comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, stroke, coronary artery disease, cancer and many more. Unfortunately, both dieting, exercise and current pharmacological intervention rarely meet the expectations of physicians and patients.

Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a progressive metabolic disease characterized by distorted insulin and/or glucagon physiology leading to the development of hyperglycemia. The complications of diabetes are serious and include damage to multiple organ systems particularly kidneys, eyes, nerves, and blood vessels. Currently, available treatments have many drawbacks, including tolerability issues, weight gain, and loss of efficacy over time.

Orphan disease

We are exploring our technology’s application as a treatment for an orphan disease to improve the lives of these patients.

Our drugs are based on a novel, effective, and naturally occurring antagonist that modulates fat metabolism and dysregulation of glycemia in diabetic patients.



Ian Laquian

M.Sc., MBA, Acting CBO

EIR at Novo Seeds with extensive pharma & biotech experience.


Mette Høy Jensen

M.Sc., PhD student, Project lead – Orphan indications

Talented Industrial PhD student with previous biotech experience.


Professor Filip Krag Knop

MD, PhD, Co-founder

Professor and Chief Physician in clinical metabolic physiology and is a KOL within incretin physiology.


Assoc. Prof. Mikkel Bring Christensen.

MD, PhD, Co-founder

Associate Professor and Chief Physician in clinical pharmacology with primary research focus on areas of diabetes and incretin physiology.